OK, enough complaining about the trials and tribulations of small, even tiny, bathrooms (although the difficulties are real). What if you have a humongous bathroom, but it looks awful? Now that’s a problem we can all get behind!

Start with the floor; in a large bathroom, this covers a considerable part of the room; you want it to look good.

You are in luck; you don’t have to worry about selecting certain size tile to make your bath look bigger. Any size will work, and porcelain is waterproof, stylish and cost-effective. Typically (although not always!) floor tile is larger 12×12 or 18×18 inches and color schemes are neutral, so as not to draw the eye down. Larger tiles mean less grout to clean and darken over time.

Large showers are easily fitted into this space; an all-glass, custom shower enclosure adds glamour and style. double sink lav in bathroom

You are not restricted to a shower or a tub; there is plenty of room, so splurge and have both! A luxurious freestanding bathtub can be an oasis in a bathroom designed to capture a relaxing atmosphere. Ahh . . . can you picture it? Yes!

One more thing to consider – in a roomy bathroom a vanity with plenty of elbow room for two users and loads of storage can be built.