Lav for tiny bathYou pay a lot for your home – mortgage, property taxes, maintenance. Every square foot of that house should be space you live in and enjoy! Most homes have places that no one ever goes to, except to retrieve a tennis racket or store your grandmothers photo albums.

Partial second floors have this common problem. Part of the roof may slope, making it difficult to utilize the space. There are ways to make that area work for you as well – you just need the right person to help with creative solutions. attic bath added

attic bath, skylight, customized doorHalf-baths (or even full baths) can be tucked into a partial second floor with sloped ceiling; storage can be built along the floor, with easy access to your off-season sports equipment and camping gear.

We just installed a new second floor bath in an older home; there was a bedroom, but who wants to run downstairs in the middle of the night to use the facilities. The cute little bathroom fit very well around the short-walled, sloped ceiling room.

Upstairs turned into attic library