We all love our homes, but deep down inside, we know that someday it will be sold. So when planning the next remodel, think about what appeals to your friends and visitors; you don’t want to remodel again, just to make your home sell-able on that future date!

Another consideration is, changing tastes . . . maybe even your own! So selecting colors, patterns and materials that may be a bit on the unusual side, may not be the best choices.  Here are some thoughts on remodeling:

  1. Designers recommend staying with more neutral colors for major surfaces like countertops and flooring. Remember, you can always transform the feel of the kitchen with accessories, glassware and paint colors.
  2. A big mistake is getting swept up in the latest design trend. When in doubt, always go with timeless finishes.
  3. Home shoppers like a larger kitchen. Have a wall removed that separates an adjoining room, or create the illusion of spaciousness by adding a window.
  4. Converting from an electric stove to a gas stove is highly coveted; as are wall ovens.
  5. High end appliances are a worthwhile investment, and you will probably find that updating appliances may mean the cabinets will not accommodate them – so an update to the cabinets will probably be necessary. Again, neutral colors and light colored wood finishes are a safe bet, and they look great!

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