Built-in wine refrigerator

When you take the plunge and have that kitchen remodel done, be sure to include these great ideas to make your life easier (and more fun)!

  1. Have a charging station built into your cabinets; there are many hidden options that won’t take away from your decor. The most often used method is to have the charging apparatus installed in a drawer.
  2. Tile is popular – nearly everywhere in the kitchen! Tile floors look great, and you can even get floor tiles that mimic wood. Of course, tile for the backsplash is expected, but how about running that tile all the way to the ceiling? (Not where there are cabinets, however!)
  3. Notwithstanding what I just said about tile flooring, nevertheless wood is still a gorgeous and popular selection for kitchens this year as well.
  4. Open up the kitchen! How many times do I have to tell you, homeowners are loving the open, airy, friendly feel of a kitchen where the cook can converse with family and friends. Have that wall taken out – but first make sure it’s not a structural wall. Your contractor can take care of that for you.
  5. Wine refrigerators are big this year. Why not have it built in, with your new custom cabinets? It will look great and your friends will be impressed. A great option for when you entertain.


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