One of the most frequently used fixtures in your bathroom, is the shower, so you should have a shower that you enjoy. Do you?

Here are some ideas to improve your master bath:

  1. If you have a shower curtain rod, have a curved, double shower curtain rod installed. You will love it. The double rod allows a liner to be installed as well as the shower curtain itself. Having a curved rod adds about 10 inches of elbow room.
  2. Have a new, water saving toilet installed. You will save water (i.e., money), and it will look so much better than that old, scuzzy thing that’s been there forever!
  3. Have a few grab bars installed, in the shower or tub, and maybe one next to the toilet. Some people need grab bars, and others have them installed just because they want to avoid potential slips on a wet floor, or they like to use them for another towel holder. Whatever the reason, they look great and add a measure of safety to the room in the house that has the most accidents.
  4. Have an anti-scald valve installed on your shower. An anti-scald valve mixes cold water with the hot, and limits the highest water temperature provided.
  5. Another great upgrade to any bathroom is a heated floor, for obvious reasons. Also heated towel racks.

There you go. Give your favorite contractor a call and have those upgrades done!