The homestead looking a bit ragged after living and working at home for 6 months?

Maybe that laminate countertop is looking a little worse for wear or a previous owner had an, uh, eclectic taste in decor. New surfaces can majorly revamp the look and feel of your kitchen (and bath), especially if you opt for a modern and durable material like natural stone or quartz. Granite countertops, for example, can withstand the heat of hot pans and the staining potential of spilled wine. The natural coolness of marble comes in handy for rolling out cookie dough and pie crusts. With the right care and maintenance, stone countertops will last forever.

Don’t stop with the kitchen though; what other room do you go into multiple times a day? Yes, the bathroom. Update the fixtures to a modern style like a sleek faucet and new cabinet pulls; these small changes can make all the difference. And while you are upgrading the hardware and countertops, are those bath towels tired and scraggly? Freshen up the powder room with fluffy hand towels and a little basket with cheerful essentials like mints and tissues.

We can help with any upgrades to your kitchen, bath or any part of your home! Give us a call when you are looking for a reliable contractor.