Homeowners seeking to upgrade their homes request the following features most often:

Kitchen remodels:

  • New appliances, with stainless steel topping the list of preferred finishes.
  • Kitchen islands are popular, as they provide additional room to put out food for the family and allow the kitchen to be more organized.
  • Homeowners often request granite countertops for their kitchen remodels.

Walk-in closets in master bedrooms are considered an important option by many homeowners. Walk-in closets ensure plenty of space to store clothing, and make it easier to be organized. It can be frustrating to know you have a beautiful ski jacket, but not be able to find it when ski season arrives. The added features of a walk-in closet eliminate this problem.

En-suite master baths are a sought after feature of homes. If the home did not originally have one, a great remodel project is to build-in a master bath accessible from the master bedroom. The square footage can be taken from another room, or if necessary, an addition to the home can be built. The privacy and feeling of luxury is well worth it for most couples. Including a two-sink option is another oft-requested feature for a working couple who need to get ready for work at the same time.

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