Now that we have had to turn our clocks back, it is getting dark really early! Now is the time to assess the state of your home and decide what it may need to turn winter into a cheery, pleasant time of year.

How often do you have your home painted (inside, that is)? It may be that time, so choosing just the right color will brighten up the space and selecting colorful, warm accent colors will make a huge difference. Basic white adds brightness, and painting an accent wall in a more intense color will liven the room up!

Wood floors make a living room feel warm and inviting. It’s a natural material and perhaps that is why we are so often drawn to it.

Adjustable lighting will make a huge difference. Have your light fixtures installed with dimmable switches. Kitchens and bathrooms should have light fixtures chosen that properly light every space for the kind of tasks that will be done there.

Fireplaces are a wonderful item to have in the winter – if you have one, and it is in need of new tile or mantel, updating these can make it much more enjoyable to sit around enjoying the fire on long winter evenings.

Whatever will make you home more winter-friendly, we can help you achieve that!