Remember how you felt when you first moved into your home? Love at first sight! So the years have passed, kids have come (or gone, depending on your age), and the house is in some serious need of upgrading.

The usual suspects for home remodel needs are: outdated kitchens, worn out bathrooms and the house seeming to have shrunk.

Solutions abound for all problems!

Grandma coming to live with you, or the addition of small children, both ends of the age spectrum can make that house in serious need of an addition. We find many homeowners in the Whatcom County area requesting additions built over the garage, an excellent solution that adds square footage without shrinking the yard!

Worn out bathrooms? This hard-working area of the house must deal with moisture on a daily basis, and those fixtures have interior parts such as valves that wear out over time, and eventually need replacing. By the time a faucet valve needs repair, you might as well replace the faucet, as the outside will be showing wear as well. Showers, floor tile and toilets all will need replacing, why not upgrade your style, and add safety features as well? Grab bars, non-skid tile, new super quiet exhaust fan with automatic shut-off; everyone can benefit from a new bathroom!

That kitchen! Countertops wear due to knives slipping off the cutting board, someone (not you, of course) accidentally putting a hot pan on the countertop right off the stove! Stains, chips and colors that no longer feel “right” can be remedied with a full kitchen remodel. Either new custom cabinets or refinishing the old fronts with new hardware will brighten up the room as well. New lighting and a paint job on all painted surfaces will do wonders as well!

Don’t get stressed about your home; have it upgraded to your current needs.