Here are some great ideas to consider while planning your Fall kitchen remodel:

  1. Use patterns in your kitchen backsplash tile. This can be prominent, or subtle, as in using subway tiles. They are all the same color (usually), but they create a pattern due to the “grid” between each 3 by 6 tile.
  2. If you choose to stay with classic colors and lines you  get a kitchen that is ageless. When ready to update such a kitchen, just update the fixtures, lighting, and cabinet hardware and you will have a new kitchen, with less cost!
  3. Make that kitchen functional by designing the right lighting in the right places of your kitchen. Task lighting, ambient light, and dimmable lights will provide the perfect light for every task.
  4. Cabinet hardware can make a huge difference on how you feel about your kitchen. Stylish and ergonomic pulls and knobs will save broken fingernails and irritating “missed” attempts to open a cabinet.
  5. Pull out spice racks. Enough said!
  6. Storage should fit your particular needs and cooking style.

Perhaps you have been planning for this day for a long time; make a list of your needs as well as “maybe’s”. When you are ready, give us a call; we have over 30 years experience remodeling kitchens as well as the entire home.