Well, almost everything! Those utilitarian sinks of long ago have been replaced with a plethora of options. There are undermount, and top mount sinks; single or double bowl style; sinks with one side small and the other large; and apron sinks. Some sinks come with very deep bowls, or there are styles that are more shallow, although the value of a shallow kitchen sink seems limited.

Materials range from stainless steel, enamel, fireclay, solid surface, and copper. It’s a good idea to do a little research on sink materials pros and cons if you are thinking of choosing a material you haven’t had experience with.

The style of sink and the material you choose will depend on your preference, budget and how much usage it will get. Some materials are more easily damaged, or more costly to install.

We are happy to assist if you have questions on the sink you want, but are not sure if it is the best fit your lifestyle. Here are a few of the sinks we have installed during kitchen remodels here in Bellingham area.