We all need a place to put the shampoo and any other items we use in the shower; this can be done with a built-in wall niche in the shower. Tiling the little alcove for waterproofing and style will add to the appearance of the shower.

Benches are must as well. These can be built-in, tiled with the same material as the shower walls, or removable teak benches are both stylish and useful.

You don’t have to be limited to only one shower head either; some homeowners opt to include a ceiling mounted rainshower head as well as the traditional wall mount.

Don’t forget the grab bars! Who hasn’t had a close call in the shower, slipping on a wet-soapy shower basin? Grab bars look right at home in any style and come in a variety of finishes. Do yourself and family members a favor, and include a couple of these in the new shower.