After photo - Bath remodel with concrete countertop with double sinks, Bellingham

  1. An awesome mirror.
  2. Cool light fixture.
  3. Flowers and plants? (Only if you promise to water them)
  4. Something nice to sit on.
  5. Awesome shower. Steam shower, massage jets, high tech shower head; and big. Big is great. Lots of tile and glass. Shower niches, glass shower door. Got it? Good.
  6. Nice sink. Style is the name of the game. What perks you up? Victorian, art deco, modern, classic?
  7. Roomy tubs are still beloved of many. A spacious tub in one bath and glorious shower in the master bath. Spread the luxury.
  8. Good storage is great. You can’t have too much storage.Updated bath including marble vanity top and electrical outlets.

Whatever your wishes for your home’s bathrooms, we can help you make that happen, with suggestions and recommendations as well as the skills to build it.