Let’s just look at a kitchen remodel. You’ve come up with a list of the things you want done in the kitchen. You’ve done your research and selected a general contractor. 

Now you innocently ask: “When will my project start and when will it be completed?”

If the contractor hesitates and comes back with an answer that sounds like hedging, you may have second thoughts about this contractor.

What is going on? Do you feel that you are getting the run-around?  Well, the answer is, the question was not as simple as you thought. 

So what are these variables?

  • Complex remodels involving structural changes. These may include removing, moving, or adding walls, and electrical or plumbing changes. These structural changes may require subcontractors whose work must be coordinated around their schedules as well as your project timeline.
  • Remodels that include many disciplines such as cabinetry, hardware, countertops, and new plumbing fixtures may also require coordinating a number of subcontractors to complete the project. If the installation of the cabinets is late, it will throw off the schedule for the countertops, and the countertop installers will be working around their other projects.
  • Selecting cabinets that are custom made affects production time, as does selecting kitchen faucets and sinks that have a longer than usual delivery time.

Based on the above information, your contractor should be a bit hesitant about an exact timeline for your project.  Because of the variables and unknowns, you should expect an “installation window” of as much as two weeks. These factors should make you cautious if offered a specific date on which your kitchen will be complete.

Much of the information is garnered from the article “How long will my kitchen remodel take?” at http:/http://www.companioncabinet.com/consumersvoice/2011/3/28/how-long-will-my-kitchen-remodel-take.html?