Well the EPA has changed the rule already; owners of older homes cannot opt-out anymore!  You can read my blog on lead renovation rules by the EPA that went into effect on April 22, yes, just last Thursday. 

The amendment to the rule goes into effect in July 2010 and I’ve pasted a portion of the modified rule here:

  • Removes the opt-out provision. Under the current rule, owner-occupied pre-1978 housing units (i.e., not inclusive of rental properties) where no pregnant women nor children under age six, nor a property qualifying as a “child occupied facility” (such as a day care facility) could sign a waiver. The remodelers must keep a record of the waiver for three years, which waives the implementation of the work practices dictated by the rule. The new amendment to the regulation that goes into effect in July revokes the opt-out completely. All work in pre-1978 must then follow all work practices dictated by the regulation as of the effective date in July.

For more information, go to the EPA website using the link below:


If you have remodeling projects coming up, be assured that Rose Construction is fully trained, certified and prepared to properly perform the remodel in your pre-1978 home.