Three of the things that are guaranteed to drive up your costs:

  • Changing your mind
  • Relying on rough sketches
  • Including high-end materials

It is recommended to clarify the design and have a clear scope of work before work is begun. This will ensure an accurate bid from your contractor. Don’t change it after the bid is signed, and especially after work has begun. Bellingham kitchen, kitchen island, custom cabinets

Research and planning, along with discussions with your contractor will clarify for you what materials you can choose that will look as beautiful as the more expensive ones.

Be sure to include everything in your budget; include the range hood, under cabinet lights and storage. How will the cooking equipment you use fit into your new cabinets? Do you need specialty drawers and pull outs to access them? Plan for them in advance!

black corian countertop, white cabinetsCheck the contractors references, licenses and insurance before signing the contract. Select a contractor who really listens to you and with whom you can communicate well.

Rose Construction, Inc. has an in-house CAD operator to draw your designs exactly to scale for you to visualize your new kitchen, and for accurate measurements for purchasing materials.