Kitchen Remodeling in Whatcom County

Do you believe that getting a kitchen remodel is a high-stress event? It doesn’t have to be! Here is your plan:

  1. Create a budget and stay within it! Keep a contingency fund for unknown problems that might crop up, such as water damage that was inside a floor or wall. You will be able to sleep soundly, knowing you have yourself covered.
  2. Thoroughly research your contractor. Get recommendations from friends or family and interview 3 contractors. Look for a local contractor that has been in business for several years and who specializes in kitchens. Check references and licenses.
  3. Try not to make changes after the scope of work has been set down on paper, the contract has been signed and the materials have been ordered. Some materials cannot be returned, and your contractor will have to pay restocking fees on items that are returnable. Changes will wreak havoc with the projects schedule while new items are waiting for delivery, causing your project to go longer then planned.

With the right contractor, you can even go on vacation while the work is being done. How relaxing is that? An occasional phone call or text can resolve any questions.

Bellingham kitchen remodel