Outdoor living spaces can be “winterized” with a little thought and a few additions.

  1. Outdoor propane heaters; these are amazing at raising the temperature near them.
  2. Fire pits; everyone loves a cozy fire, and if you don’t like the extra work for a wood fireplace, there are plenty of propane or natural gas outdoor fireplaces. Your family and visitors will love it.
  3. Roofing, either permanent or retractable; roofing is popular for several reasons, it keeps you out of the rain, it provides shade on hot sunny summer days, and protects you deck furniture.
  4. Hot tubs! We don’t really need to explain this; hot tubs are even fun when there is snow.
  5. Wind break (also works for privacy screening). In areas where there tends to be a lot of wind, a partial wall on the side where prevailing winds come will make outdoor dining more pleasant as well.

Don’t let your deck sit out there all by itself all winter, make it an enjoyable place to be all year round. Bellingham home patio with new roof covering