You may have already guessed, based on your own preferences and experience in the last 6 months! Many homeowners who have been compelled to spend a lot of time at home have developed newfound preferences for home offices, exercise rooms and other specialty rooms.exercise room in remodeled basement

Not to mention the families who have to now homeschool their children. What if you have to work from home and have two children (or more) in distance learning?

Some have have small offices built into sheds on their property. You just can’t have young children accidentally hitting the computer keyboard while your work materials are on the screen. Interruptions make concentration difficult as well.

Other solutions have been turning a room into a home office, with a door that can be closed and maybe even locked!

And what about that gym that you haven’t been able to go to for many months? A nice work out space in the house is a great solution. Having a dedicated space helps with motivation!

The increased use of the kitchen for meals and eating at home points up any shortcomings the kitchen may have, that could be overlooked until now. Determine what you can live with, and what really needs to be changed/ improved.

We can help with any modifications to your home that will make this difficult time more pleasant. Our employees practice proper Covid compliance in distancing, mask wearing and sanitation. Give us a call when you have decided to make those changes!