Is your kitchen updated to the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted? It’s not like a tattoo – if you remodel to create that ideal kitchen, and 15 years later (or sooner if you want!), your tastes have changed, you can have it re-done, no worries!kitchen island, kitchen peninsula

So what makes an ideal kitchen? Some things to consider:

  • How do you use your kitchen? Is it the second family room? Do you help the kids with homework while preparing the evening meal? Maybe a peninsula with seating, or a kitchen island with seating will help.
  • Hide-away bins for garbage & recycles clean up the kitchen and open up the floor space.
  • With all the electrical gadgets we have that need recharging daily, there’s nothing like an island plug or a kitchen drawer with electrical charging outlets. The electrical towers can lie completely flat when not in use.
  • Flooring material is up to your preferences, but tile is easily cleaned and looks great. Wood flooring is popular in the Bellingham area too; perhaps it makes us feel more connected to our natural environment here.
  • Can you ever have too many sinks? Well, maybe, but what about a prep sink in addition to the primary sink every kitchen has? You can prepare those veggies at the prep sink and use the main sink for washing up.

These suggestions give you a place to start! bellingham kitchen island - ready for lunch, dinner, or a crafts project