We will admit that the answer to this question is subjective; so then, here we will discuss a few situations.

1. Your house has four bedrooms, but only one bath. Definitely, this house needs at least one more bathroom.

2. How many people live in the house? If more than one, you should add a bathroom.

There you go. Unless the house is really tiny, there should be at least 2 bathrooms. No one likes to have to wait! And if this family has one of those half-hour shower types, then you desperately need another bathroom. And a really good exhaust fan.

These days, a house with only one bathroom is only slightly more desirable than a house without a roof.

Give us a call, we can help you with that. If the house is truly very small, an addition can be built that includes a bathroom. If size is not the issue, then some square footage can be appropriated from an existing room. Even a powder room is a welcome addition to a one-bath home!

Many homes have under-used basements; the photo below shows a full bath we built into a clients previously unfinished basement. There is a shower opposite the sink cabinet. Utilizing space in basements and under used attics as well, provide solutions to the not-enough-bathrooms home!


full bath added to a basement; includes a shower