My research is clear – women!  No matter what aspect of the home – purchasing a new home, do-it-yourself remodeling, or hiring a remodeling contractor, it is women who drive the market.

Consumer Affairs, way back in 2006 published an article titled “Women Driving Home Improvement Purchases”.  The article states:  “While men still dominate purchasing of tools and power equipment, women account for more than half of the sales of storage/organization products and almost half of the sales of lighting, paint, kitchen/bath, lawn/garden, flooring, and safety.”

“In fact, women represent 44 percent of “do-it-yourselfers” and 51 percent of people that usually hire professionals for home improvement projects.”

“It’s important to acknowledge the impact women continue to make in the home improvement industry,” says Mark Delaney, director of The NPD Group. He adds, “Now that a growing number of manufacturers and retailers have focused more marketing efforts on women, they are capitalizing on this growing trend.”


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So, what do women want in a home remodel?  Since many tasks centered around the home still fall to women, projects that make kitchens and laundries more convenient and efficient. For instance, in a kitchen remodel women want a kitchen that is organized, well-equipped, comfortable, open and family oriented.

What about that unfinished basement?  “Women don’t want a cave – we want a retreat for relaxation or a fun space to socialize with family/friends”, says Deanna Fox of The Fox Groupe. Barbara Tabak of Decorating Den Interiors puts it simply “(Women) want a sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a hectic day.”

The recurring theme for all of the women was relaxation. When I asked for a better name than ‘women cave’ (hey, it sounded clever at the time…), words that came up were sanctuary, haven, retreat… words implying peace and quiet more than the place an animal lives. Alicia Miller of Rock Commercial Real Estate puts it perfectly: “we want a place to get away from all the everyday busyness of life and just be ourselves.”

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So there you are.  Go for it.