After photo - Bath remodel with wall mounted lav and glass vessel sink; wall mounted faucet, Bellingham

Whew! Horror stories abound, and marriages are sometimes broken on an unrealistic DIY home remodel. Repairing and restoring a home, with a family living in a reduced portion of it, is very fraying on everyone’s nerves.

Unless you are a skilled carpenter, electrician and plumber, we Bellingham bath remodel, double lav sinks, lighting, mirrorsrecommend hiring a contractor to do the work. After thoroughly researching them, of course.

Repairing rotted ceilings, cracked foundations, and out-of-date electrical systems are a bad fit for DIYers, and if done improperly by inexperienced homeowners, plumbing work can lead to even more repairs from leaking pipes and improperly sloped waste piping. Not something you’d want to deal with.

kitchen remodel; cabinets, wall tile, backsplash, wood flooring, kitchen islandSave your relationship, save your sanity, hire a licensed and insured contractor, we are here to help you!