kitchen cabinets, hanging lights

You don’t have to knock down walls, add square footage to your house, or completely overhaul your kitchen to get that special look in your existing kitchen. As the old saying goes, “If the bones are good, then some new relatively superficial changes will make a huge difference.” A fresh coat of paint, a new backsplash, or another detail can really brighten and make your kitchen special.

kitchen hanging lamp


Some of these details could be:

  • Cabinet hardware; a set of custom-designed art deco cabinet handles could add just the right finishing touch to your kitchen. Know your cabinet hardware finishes: Chrome, copper, brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Synchronize your style by matching your cabinet hardware finish to your kitchen fixtures.
  • Stylish pendant lights over the breakfast bar or a small chandelier in the kitchen will add elegance. The series of linear chandeliers by James R. Moder or Spectra Swarovski are uniquely interesting.
  • Replace some of the lower cabinets with an undercounter refrigerator drawer with a finish to match your existing appliances.
  • Custom built cabinets with details such as specialized drawers for your pots, pans and dinnerware and corner cabinets that are much more accessible than standard box-store cabinets.
  • A new, uniquely designed tile backsplash.
  • A built-in wine cooler
  • kitchen specialized drawers

Several of these could be added to an existing kitchen to create sparkle and focal points, but not all need to be done to reveal your kitchen’s inner glam.