After photo - Kitchen remodel featuring Hi-Macs countertops, Marmoleum flooring and DeWils cabinetry, Bellingham

What details, you ask? Here are some of the most popular kitchen remodel details:

  • With the trend toward more open kitchens and minimal wall cabinets, products related to kitchen storage were popular. For instance, corner storage swivel tray systems are a great way to utilized those pesky corner cabinets.
  • Pull-out cutting boards provide easily accessed cutting surface that can be put out of sight when not in use.
  • LED under cabinet lighting provides task lighting or just a low-wattage light when you don’t want the maximum lighting available.
  • Floating wall shelves provide a clean style shelving for transitional and contemporary kitchens (and baths).  kitchen, corbels, countertop
  • Wall ovens can be placed at a comfortable height so the user needn’t bend down to reach into the oven.
  • Custom cabinets are always a popular item; they can be designed specifically for the user, and sized to use every inch of space efficiently in the kitchen. Features can be built in such as custom spice storage, pull-outs for pans, interior lighting of cabinets, and special dividers to keep dishes from sliding around when opening and closing drawers.
  • Corbels add elegance to countertops and islands with seating.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Open kitchen layout