torgersonafterbathshowertile6If you are updating your bathroom purely to create the bathroom you’ve always wanted, you are free to focus on just that: your personal desires, unencumbered by what a future purchaser may want!

Determine what types of changes you want to make to your bathroom.

Select your preferred materials and fixture manufacturers; when you add up costs, you can always select less expensive materials that are not as important to you, while keeping that awesome tiled shower you always wanted in the budget.

Your contractor is the one who will ultimately provide an estimate to you that includes labor costs, so discuss with him/or her what recommendations they know from experience that will save you money and still achieve that dream bathroom.

Be aware that bathroom remodels may uncover water damage when walls and flooring are pulled out, so include in your estimate 10 – 20 percent for unexpected problems.

After - Master bath showing tiled shower walls with the same tile flowing around soaking tub. Glass walls on 2 sides of shower open up the room, BellinghamBe sure that you have a good, quiet, exhaust fan for ventilation; you will have far fewer mold and mildew problems if the moist air is pulled out and expelled to the outside (not the attic!).

Select good quality, waterproof flooring materials such as porcelain tile and vinyl. Never put carpet in a bathroom.

One more thing: Have your contractor include a grab bar or two, they are a great safety feature for residents of all ages and abilities. It’s a good idea to select slip resistant tiles for the shower floor.

Bath details, curved shower rod, faucet, towel holder