Indeed. What is the difference between a nice kitchen and a great kitchen? Two things, basically; a great kitchen is one that works for the way you use it, and it will be both practical and stylish.

What defines practical? For most of us, it will be easy to maintain (i.e., clean) and is organized so that items are stored out of sight, close to where they are used.

Stylish? That is a subjective adjective! But for the most part, a stylish kitchen will be color co-ordinated with patterns and materials that complement each other. Many online websites define stylish by separating out designer-defined styles, but this is really up to your personal tastes. For your information and possibly to spur ideas for your next remodel, I’ll list most of them here:

  • Traditional: a clean, comfortable look
  • Cottage: homespun touches with white or retro-color appliances
  • Country Farmhouse: open and inviting, primary colors of red, yellow and blue
  • Modern: sleek; keeps clutter to a minimum
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary: function meets family friendliness; mix of new and old
  • Mediterranean or French Country
  • Coastal: cool shades of blue, green, white that create a vacation mood.

There are a myriad of ideas on the internet; this list provides a starting place. If you already know what you want your kitchen to look like, plunge ahead and give us a call! 

Whatever your needs, we can help you select materials, design cabinets that work for you, and then build your dream kitchen.

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