How did your deck fare this summer?

If your deck is at the point where it should be replaced, or you are considering a brand-new deck, here are a few things to consider.

Materials: Wood, and the several types that are appropriate for deck construction, are the first things that come to mind. Cedar, pressure treated lumber and Ipe are popular choices due to their hardiness. However, composites have become more popular, due to less requirements for maintenance. Once installed, composites won’t rot, splinter or warp.

Depending on height above ground, your deck may need a structural engineer and a permit! Your contractor will know what is required for your situation. It may seem onerous, but safety is the goal, both for your family and guests and for that day when you decide to sell your home.

After photo - IPE decking and cable rail system, surrounds home, Bellingham

Decks can be a simple rectangle, or multiple elevations with curving lines and contrasting angles of deck boards. If more than a few feet (local building codes have height requirements), off ground, railings will be needed. If your deck has a view, you may be considering tempered glass or cable railing to preserve the views.

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How about having a roof built over part of your deck? It will protect it from hot sunlight, and will allow you to use the deck even in the rain!