In most counties, decks need a permit for construction if they are off the ground. In Whatcom county this height starts at 30 inches. A skilled contractor can handle the permit, the structural engineer (if needed) and of course, the construction.

Adding a deck raises the value of any home and increases the living area by opening up new places to entertain or relax with family. Decks and outdoor spaces make the house more appealing to prospective buyers when the homeowner decides to sell. Return on investment is said to be 100 percent for an added deck.

With more people choosing to stay home for vacations, outdoor living spaces have become more desirable, whether the owner is looking to sell or just add a new space for the family.

So what are the critical things to consider when planning a new deck? Here are some things you should know before having that deck built.

  • Where will it be located?
  • What material will it be made with? There are composites that require less maintenance than wood, but it is hard to exceed the beauty of natural woods such as redwood, mahogany and Ipe.
  • Many deck constructions require permitting – be sure to include this in your budget and schedule.
  • Some deck boards are made to be installed with hidden fasteners; this provides a clean, sleek look.
  • Do you want a cover for your deck? There are traditional roofs, which can have skylights installed in them for increased light; or there are transparent coverings, such as clear corrugated fiberglass roofing panels or twin walled polycarbonate sheets.

From there, you can add furniture, a BBQ and plants to your deck! Summer will be great!

After photo - Multi-level new deck with custom built-in seating, Bellingham

Bellingham deck with built-in seating built by Rose Construction

After photo - New deck with translucent Chrystalite patio roof, Bellingham

Transparent roofing material covers this Bellingham deck, to provide the most light possible to the patio/deck.

After photo - IPE decking and cable rail system, surrounds home, Bellingham

Wire railing provides safety for this high-rise deck while allowing unobstructed views.