sloped ceiling, small bathroom

Does your bathroom have an awkward layout and you can’t change it? Perhaps you own a very old home and it has been added onto or remodeled, and not in an aesthetically pleasing way. Or you may have a slanted ceiling, a very small room, or an L-shaped bath.

An inconvenient bathroom space doesn’t require knocking down walls to make it work and look good. Making the most of the room you have available, some clever design techniques and some well placed furniture is all you need to get the bathroom looking great!

Some old homes and remodeled attics have rooms with sloped ceilings. Solutions can include having a specially made shower to fit against the wall and roof, or glass blocks work well, as they are small and can be stacked to fit the space. Of course, the shower head should be on the higher wall!

glass block shower wall

There are solutions for every problem, and with our experience we can work with you to find the solution that works for you.

sloped shower wall, small bath