The shower is becoming the focal point of the bathroom; some homes are even foregoing a bath with a tub. The shower has shown itself to be a more versatile bathing unit than the tub!

Homeowners can individualize the shower with rainshower heads that gently provide the feeling of rain as it pours down on you. Rainshower heads are usually large diameter, in order to mimic the feel of rain.

Add a hand-held shower and stylish on/off valve, and you will be enjoying your dream bathroom!

Consumers are integrating texture, like pebble or stone tile, as well as mosaics to add personality to their shower. There are so many different options in tile that you can create your own personality through your tile.

As with the open look that is favored in kitchens, an open look is popular in baths. This allows the shower to take center stage. Frameless glass showers allow the tile design to stand out and make the bathroom appear more spacious.

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