Curbless showers are popular both because of their ability to provide a clean design and meet aging-in-place and Universal Design requirements.

Without a step into the shower, there is no interruption in the floor tile, which gives a more seamless look. Eliminating the curb also makes the space feel larger visually. From a Universal Design or aging-in-place perspective, getting rid of the curb gives an easier entrance into and out of the shower.

Some homeowners prefer to forgo a shower door for the ultimate in easy access. For proper drainage, there has to be a splash zone, but if there is enough space, eliminating the shower door gives easier access and eliminates the need to clean a door. What’s not to like about that?Newly tiled shower

This type of shower/ bath is called a “wet room”, as the entire floor has to be waterproof. Even though the floor is designed for drainage into the shower drain, some water will get out, and you want to be sure that the all of the floor is waterproofed.

This type of bath creates a beautiful spa experience, as well as providing accessibility for a mobility impaired family member.