A curbless shower is a great feature for giving your bathroom a sleek, streamlined look, but its benefits go beyond appearances. You’ve likely heard the term “aging in place.” It means designing ways for homeowners to stay in their homes as long as possible. One of the ways to do that is to remove barriers that might cause trips and falls as our mobility decreases.

A curbless shower benefits from a bench that when paired with a hand held shower head, allows for showering while sitting down. It’s always a good idea to add grab bars, and your contractor will need to install support for the grab bars inside the walls, so it should be done before the shower walls are installed.

Curbless showers look great, and are practical. We have installed them for some of our clients;  grab bars, seating in the shower, and niches at just the right height are all good additions.bath remodel, no threshold shower