I found an article with great ideas on a way to create storage space in your home by utilizing “tight spots” that are just dead ends currently. The article is found on www.builderonline.com/design/built-ins-add-value-to-new-homes written by Jenny Sullivan.

The first idea and I think the most obvious, is building storage under stairs. I have seen this done by adding stud walls and covering with gyp board; then installing shelving to create a pantry for canned goods and other foods.  It makes it possible to buy things in bulk at a lower price and just pull from the pantry when needed. The one I saw was well organized and everything was dated, so it worked very well.

There is a wonderful picture in the article showing how one homeowner had space under a beautiful curving stairway built in with a desk and bookshelves. No walls were added, so it has an open look and adds to the warm feeling of the adjacent room with its natural wood and details that match the stair railing.

We have just completed a job where we built a closet under a similar stairway, creating a very nice closet for the homeowners that fit right into the room decor.

Don’t get the idea that only homeowners with small homes seek out “built-ins” for storage; they are a nice touch to any home, providing the fine detail and efficiency that anyone can appreciate.  Well designed details and master craftsmanship in construction create beautiful and efficient spaces in a home of any size.

Another home in the article had a beautifully remade kitchen with lots of built in wine storage created for an expensive collection of wines.

Think about your home and all those tight little spaces that could be made useful and at the same time add to the value and beauty of your home.