If your home is not up to what it could be, and you shudder at the idea of having workers sawing, painting and nailing for months at a time, consider remodeling on an incremental basis. It’s not only easier on your home life, but easier on your wallet as well, as you spread the costs out over time with various projects.

You can remodel one bath at a time, which is always a good idea anyway, for obvious reasons, then have the kitchen done a year or two down the road. It’s a good idea to figure out what really needs to be done, such as repairs, then look at projects you would like to do, working your way from things that need doing, to things that would be nice if they were done, to the dream home projects.

Projects to consider in the quest for making your home into your dream home:

1. Add a room to increase size of your home; a bath, bedroom or game room? You can sometimes expand the footprint, or sometimes you need to go up; add a partial second floor.

2. Flooring wears out, due to obvious reasons. Replacing it will be a major project in itself. Kitchen flooring should be replaced when the kitchen is remodeled, as the new cabinets and appliances may not exactly match the footprint of the demolished.Natural wood flooring in remodeled kitchen entry

3. Windows may not be as glamorous as kitchen cabinets, but there is not a more pleasurable experience than looking out through a window that is perfectly clear and that you know is not losing heat to the outdoors, or adding heat to the home during summer. Operable windows will allow you to let in plenty of fresh air and reduce cooling costs as well.Arched window above operable window

4. Siding and roofing, you know the drill; have to be repaired, replaced, or repainted from time to time.

5. Remodeling an underused basement is a favorite topic of mine. Why have all that square footage go to waste, when you can turn it into an awesome game room, exercise gym, home theater, or? Basement remodel