Ah, there’s nothing like a beautiful countertop to set off a new kitchen or bath! They don’t have to be expensive, but the upside of paying more for a more durable (and let’s face it – gorgeous) material is that you will be happy with it, and it will last as long as you have the home.

Here are some things to consider in making that decision:

  • Concrete – Yes, this is a real countertop material, and it is both durable and beautiful. They can be colorized and stained and can mimic other materials. Higher end of price range.dual bath sinks, countertop concrete
  • Stainless steel – Also high-end, gives a commercial kitchen look.
  • Wood – Butcher block, less expensive, easy on cookware, prone to damage by knives and hot cookware.
  • Engineered stone – Low maintenance. Stain, heat and scratch proof. Higher end cost.
  • Soapstone – Higher end costs; softer than other stones, can be easily scratched or dented. Colors darken with time, something to keep in mind.
  • Granite – Stain, heat and water resistant when sealed. Minimum maintenance. Very heavy, must be supported by strong, sturdy cabinets. Higher end cost.
  • Laminate – Yes, we are mostly reviewing higher end materials, but laminates have come up in the world in appearance and edge trims. Low cost, so no guilt if you think you might be remodeling again in a few years!

Whatever your choice, we are here to help you; with advice, custom building and installing.