After photo - Custom tiled fireplace and hearth in outdoor kitchen/ patio additon, Bellingham

If the summer is too hot for you to enjoy being outdoors and barbecuing as often as you would like, consider having a roof built over all or part of your deck. The shade will make a huge difference in outdoor comfort.

Roofing can be built of regular roof materials with skylights; or built like a screen, with your planted grape vines to create more of the shade; or if you like more light, but want it muted, consider Crystalite’s polycarbonate multiwall system. While letting in light, they have comparable thermal properties to a triple pane window.

We have installed many different types of roofs for homeowners wanting to cover their decks. If this sounds like something you would like, give us a call or shoot an email our way!

After photo - New deck with translucent Chrystalite patio roof, Bellingham