Rainfall shower heads give you a luxurious spa-type experience. The relaxing flow of water allows for total body coverage and feels like bathing in the rain. Warm rain. The rainfall showerhead is usually in addition to a single wall mount showerhead, giving you two options, depending on your mood!Glass shower, soaking tub

There’s tile, and then there is tile; transform your bathroom into a spa-worthy retreat by opting for a luxurious tile design, on the walls or even on the floor!

The larger the shower, the better, right? Well, we all have budgets to live with, but increasing the shower to a nice roomy 4 foot length, or even more, will make those morning showers feel so much better.

Bath update; new grout, electrical outlets, repairs.Countertops for the cabinetry will provide that feel of luxury when selected in a style and color scheme to blend with the floor tile and shower.

Plenty of mirrors and just the right lighting will set everything off to perfection. Matching hardware, a few grab bars, and what else can you add? Perfection!