These are not contradictory goals! Manufacturers in recent years have been aware of the need for safety features in the modern bath and have been designing and producing products to that add functionality and style.

Shower Installation, RemodelingTo improve safety, why not turn a towel bar into a grab bar? You can still hang towels on it, but the sturdiness provides security for anyone entering or exiting the shower or bath. Typical towel bars cannot be used for grab bars – they aren’t attached to the wall in the same way, nor is the material they are made of as strong as an actual grab bar. It’s a good thing to have a professional install these, to be sure it is done correctly.

Another place to add safety features is in the shelving. Inventive manufacturers have designed shelves integrated with grab bars, so that you can reduce clutter in the bathroom, and have another safety bar to hold onto.

Have a built-in seat included in your shower upgrade, and a handheld shower head can be used by anyone choosing to shower in a seated position.

Increase the amount of light in the bathroom. Proper lighting will help reduce bumps and falls, and will make the space feel more open and spa-like. Dimmers and night-lights will allow the user to get just the right amount of light, any time of the day or night.

Non-skid floor tile is a must in a safety-conscious homeowners bathroom! Wet feet can be exceptionally slippery on the wrong kind of tile.

Increasing safety in the bath does not mean decreasing the style. In fact, with these updates you can raise your level of bath safety, while creating a more enjoyable and stylish bathroom retreat.

DyLon McClary, the president of Rose Construction Inc is certified in designing baths for safety.grab bars