Why Choose Rose Construction For Your Kitchen Remodel?

There are many reasons to choose Rose Construction, Inc. for your kitchen remodel.

  • We have our own carpenters who perform the majority of work in your home.
  • We only use licensed, bonded plumbers, electricians, and other specialty subcontractors with whom we have long, established relationships and who provide the best service and warranties.
  • We can help you design your new kitchen or work with a design that has been developed by others.
  • We take care of the entire job including design, demolition, adding on or reconfiguring walls, final installation of all products, to a complete, construction clean-up after the job is finished.
  • During construction we erect barriers to contain the construction dust to protect your home.
  • We make it a priority, as professional remodelers, to work as continuously and rapidly as possible to complete your kitchen remodel to meet the time deadlines that we establish with you.