If your kitchen is small, designing the best layout to maximize your small kitchen makeovers can be a challenge. Knocking out a wall is not always do-able in a smaller or older home. If your yard space or budget is tight, adding on may not be an option either. A professional kitchen contractor can help you create the best kitchen to meet your needs in the space you have.

Here are some space saving kitchen cabinet ideas: Have glass-fronted cabinet doors installed on your cabinets, or select new cabinets with glass doors. The cabinets will appear less bulky and the glass fronts allow the eye to travel to the back of the cabinet, creating the illusion of more space. Consider some open shelving instead of cupboards for some of your kitchen.

Large, standard-sized appliances may not work for your small kitchen. Your contractor should be able to recommend smaller appliances that do the same job. Saving a few inches can make a big difference.

Selecting the right color paint will contribute to the illusion of more space; lighter colors work best in small spaces. One recommendation is to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls, this eliminats visual breaks that draw the eye to the edges.

A lot of light, natural or electrical, will add a feeling of space to your kitchen. Sun tunnels can add natural light without requiring a large hole in your ceiling/ roof; under cabinet task lighting and appropriately located ceiling lights all contribute brightness to your kitchen.

Your contractor can help you incorporate handy storage solutions that will make your small kitchen a well-organized space. Lazy susans in corner cabinets and pull-out recycle bins will keep the kitchen tidy and feeling more open.

Corner cabinet is a lazy susan.  Small, efficient and bright kitchen