I want to expand on the built in closet idea.  My house has plenty of square feet, 1800, but I’m always amazed at the lack of storage space in a house this size.  My dad was a boat designer, and he was a master at using every little nook and cranny for efficient storage and organizing.  Maybe that is why my first thoughts go to “How can I make more use out of that closet.”

Check out the built in closet pictures from the website: www.cascadeclosets.com.  There is one in particular that I like because it looks like one of my closets (small).  Of course, everyone has their own ideas on what they would like to put in their closets and so the layout will be different for each person.  That is where the designer comes in.

Unfortunately, I do not have my dads skill with tools, so when I “do it myself”, the results are not as aesthetically pleasing as I know they could be.  So, if you are like me and are looking for a well made, organized and efficient space to fill that rectangular hole in your bedroom wall, first decide generally what you want and then select a well respected local contractor to build in that closet.

I know you will LOVE being able to put “that stuff” where you can lay your hands on it the next time you need it!