Quality shower wall installationPretty much everyone likes getting good deals and saving money, but most of us also like to splurge on some things. Sometimes, saving money can actually mean spending more in the long run when the inexpensive item fails. For instance, if you buy a bargain kitchen faucet, but it fails in a year or two, you will have to have it replaced with a better made product. It would have been less costly to go with the quality faucet in the first place!

What do you like to splurge on? Asking around, we found out that most people don’t like to cut corners on new computers, healthy food, quality shoes, and help from professionals. In Bellingham, it is pretty clear that many will go for quality over price on kayaks, snowboards, and hiking gear!

How does this apply to your home? Good quality kitchen faucets, kitchen countertops that are beautiful and will last, quality sinks, and long-lasting flooring will no doubt top the list. What about you? something to think about when weighing price vs. quality.

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