Remodeled kitchen in Bellingham Washington

I suspect that not many homeowners complain that their kitchens are just “too large”. However, if they are badly arranged, they can seem too big, due to the extra steps required for everyday tasks.

The efficient kitchen design maximizes storage needs as well as functional requirements of the client. Efficient design takes into account the number of people in a family, their ages, how many cooks, the cooking styles (baking, culinary, family style), the appliances requested and lifestyle schedules. Sounds complicated; but when you eliminate all that does not apply to your family, what is left is usually pretty simple!

Many of today’s homeowners want environmentally responsible kitchens as well as efficient kitchens. Well-chosen faucets and appliances can reduce water and electricity bills significantly.

Well-laid out kitchens keep most small appliances off the countertops, by hanging them under the cabinets, or building appliance cabinets with electrical outlets provided.

Slide-out drawers for small items makes access faster and more convenient. Getting the garbage and recycle bins off the floor and under a cabinet provides more clear floor space and eliminates an unsightly collection of bins.