It is spring, moving on towards summer here in Whatcom County, so the days are nice and long, with plenty of sunshine. However, we know that as Pacific Northwesterners, we have to be prepared for the winter months.

Since many of us spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen and dining areas, it is important for a year-round cheery kitchen to have lots of light. This should be a combination of natural light, good quality lighting fixtures and the right color scheme to make the most of the light.

It’s a good idea to get that kitchen/ dining area renovated before winter, so you are all ready!

Many homeowners in Whatcom County/ Bellingham area prefer cabinets with light wood tones, and white painted cabinets are popular as well.  Good quallity ergonomic cabinet pulls are a must, as they will make it so easy to open doors and pull out drawers! Matching the finish to your faucet and appliances helps pull the color scheme together.

Give us a call when you are ready for that kitchen update!

Kitchen Remodeling in Whatcom County