There are several effects a blizzard can have on remodeling.  First is, imagine you are stuck in your home or apartment for 3 days.  Normally you would be at work, walking the dog, taking the kids to school, soccer practise, running errands.  But no, you are stuck at home, can’t get out the front door. 

After the first hour or two, you begin to notice the cracked tile in the shower; then the color of the flooring starts to annoy.  By the second day, the nicks the kids made in the kitchen countertop are especially irritating.  A couple of weeks later you find yourself calling local contractors to arrange some remodeling.  Thats the first effect of the blizzard.

The second is this: You already have a remodeling project in motion.  Now the materials can’t get delivered on time and the contractors can’t get up your driveway.  Besides that, they can’t work outside when it’s snowing and minus 10 degrees. 

You can check out this scenario at  The article is titled Dream home remodeling: Is it really a dream?  The author has some excellent suggestions to help reduce stress during a remodeling project:

  • Be prepared – Don’t start your project until the design/ plan is completed.
  • Budget – Have a budget and stick to it.
  • Get help – If you are not an experienced contractor then don’t try to act as your own general contractor. It will be worth your money to hire someone else that is trained. Plus the  amount of stress a general contractor can relieve is worth its weight in gold!
  • Relax – At times this may seem impossible to do, but finding time to relax during your project is absolutely essential. Schedule time if you have to.

The elements (i.e.- blizzards?) – Weather can be another huge stressor when it comes to building and remodeling projects. There is nothing you can do to control the weather or even predict it. Plan ahead for possible delays due to weather – it will reduce your stress level!

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