We all love walking into a well-laid out bathroom with thoughtfully designed tile, lav, shower and maybe a roomy tub.

However, to truly love a bathroom, all plumbing fixtures should be ergonomically easy to use and work properly. One of the well-advised modern features is what the manufacturers call a “comfort height” toilet.

These are designed so that they are not too low and not too high – in the “Goldilocks” zone for sitting and getting oneself back to a standing position. Anyone who has back or hip problems will really appreciate this!

So if your toilet is old, it not only needs to be replaced with a comfort height toilet, you will be happy to know that all new toilets have low-flow flushing, so that your water bill will see an improvement. These fixtures are designed to work efficiently with less water, so no worries about having to double-flush.

We can help you with any other accessibility features you may be considering. Grab bars are a favorite, and are a great safety feature for any bathroom.