If everything that you need each morning has a specific, convenient place in your bath lav, your morning routine will go much smoother, and make it easier to wind down and relax in the evening.

Getting all the jars, bottles and appliances off your countertops is key to getting your bathroom de-cluttered and better organized. So, the best vanities include these features:

  1. In-drawer storage designed specifically for makeup and shaving accessories.
  2. Door mounted storage, including adjustable shelves and rollout shelves, drawers and appliance trays, to keep everyday items organized and within easy reach.
  3. Electrical outlets mounted to the inside of the cabinet or a built-in electrical strip so you can store hot items out of sight without having to wait for them to cool.
  4. Stackable storage and drawer dividers that can make your space work as you need it to.

How about those medicine cabinets? They are a handy storage place for items you use everyday. A lockable compartment within the cabinet provides a safe place to keep medicines away from children. Some cabinets come with a sliding magnifying mirror that is adjustable to your height. Adjustable glass shelves allow for items of varying height and allows you to see better what is there.

Good grooming requires that you have quality lighting. To avoid uneven illumination and unflattering shadows, make sure you have multiple light sources installed at different angles. Use a combination of ambient and task lighting to achieve a balanced light intensity. Select light bulbs that emanate soft light from the middle of the color spectrum so you can correctly judge skin tone and colors.

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