Efficiency is great, but obviously you want more. Comfort and a relaxing retreat? Soothing colors, heated floors and towel racks? Yes, and yes. Walk-in showers with a variety of showering options are a great addition; there are body sprays, handhelds, rain heads and more.

You can have a threshold-free and door-free shower. Just have the entire floor tiled (you were going to do that anyway, right?) and sloped just enough so any water that gets outside the shower runs back to the shower drain.

Oh, and don’t forget a grab bar or two. There are many designs that are quite striking and, when placed judiciously, can be beneficial to anyone raising themselves from the tub or shower bench.

You can have more than one shower niche for soaps, shampoo, and aromatic candles, and they can be built in large sizes to accommodate more, or just because you like the look.

How about including options to make the shower a great place to shave? Proper lighting, a fog-free mirror and a place for a razor and shaving cream will do the trick.

Bellingham frameless glass shower wallsrain shower head  frameless glass shower