Large or small, bathrooms nearly always seem to suffer from lack of storage space. Here are a few ideas that will work anywhere.

Space between studs of interior walls is ideal for recessed niches (we’re talking shower walls) about 14 inches wide. They’re right-sized for shower storage that keeps soaps and shampoos handy without taking up space. Your contractor can ensure that the grout and caulk are well-sealed.

Any unused wall space in a bathroom is an opportunity for storage. A tall, narrow wall between a shower stall and and doorway can be converted to a built-in cabinet and shelving unit only 20 inches or so wide.

Adding shelves to any bathroom wall will provide storage. Decorative canisters can hide items you don’t want to see. Bath vanities with drawers will provide the traditional storage we are used to seeing, if you have space for it!

The idea is to fit storage solutions that work for your bath style and size; internet research will provide many possible solutions, and we would be happy to help with ideas, as well!